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Substance Abuse in Oklahoma

The main drug problem facing the state of Oklahoma is Meth. Most of it is imported from labs in Mexico and the Southwest US. However, in state production exists and brings with it crime and safety concerns.

  • Cocaine abuse: Cocaine is widely available in the state of Oklahoma. Much of the supply is transported into the state by Mexican drug groups along with meth and marijuana. A large portion of the cocaine in the state is converted to crack before it is sold on the streets.
  • Heroin abuse: Black tar heroin can be found in the urban areas of Oklahoma. White and brown heroin is rarely found in the state, but in recent years white heroin has been found.
  • Meth abuse: Meth is Oklahoma's largest drug problem, and the most used drug in the state. Much of the drug is smuggled into the state by Hispanic group using multiple delivery methods. There is also a significant problem of small meth labs producing the drug within the state.
  • Club Drugs: The use of club drugs like Ecstasy and GHB is on the rise in Oklahoma.
  • Marijuana abuse: Marijuana is readily available all throughout the state. Most of the marijuana found in the state has been imported from Mexico along with other drugs.

Substance Abuse Statistics

  • Gender Breakdown of Admissions: According to statistics provided by Oklahoma treatment centers, significantly more men than women seek out treatment for addiction and substance abuse. 63.9 percent of all admissions are made by men and only 36.1 percent of admissions are made by women.
  • Admissions Involving Alcohol: Oklahoma treatment centers indicate that 23.2 percent of all admissions to treatment centers involve alcoholism primarily. An additional 21.6 percent of all admissions have to do with alcoholism paired with a secondary substance abuse issue such as heroin addiction or marijuana use.
  • Admissions Involving Cocaine: 7.5 percent of all admissions into treatment facilities in Oklahoma have to do with smoked cocaine. An additional 2.4 percent of admissions relate to cocaine taken by other routes.
  • Admissions Involving Marijuana: As many as 17.1 percent of all admissions have to do with marijuana when it comes to treatment centers in Oklahoma.
  • Admissions Involving Other Drugs: Heroin addiction is not as serious a problem when it comes to Oklahoma treatment centers with only 1.1 percent of admissions accounting for the drug. Methamphetamine addiction admissions on the other hand make up 19.5 percent of all admissions to Oklahoma treatment centers.

Detox and Withdrawal

Many people try to overcome substance abuse problems all on their own. The way that they do this is through quitting cold turkey – They suddenly and immediately stop taking the abused substance, removing it from the system as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this very rarely works. The reason is because when your body suddenly lacks the substance that you are accustomed to, the resulting effect is withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms are not typically harmful, but they can be severely uncomfortable which is why withdrawal most frequently results in relapse.

The best way for you to overcome your substance abuse problem is with a professional treatment program. Oklahoma treatment programs will surround you with the professional medical detox and assisted therapies and counseling that allow you to finally overcome your addiction and move on with your life. When you decide to go through a rehab the right way, the professional way, the result is that you will be surrounded by the care and the support that you need from day one until the day that you are ready to enter back into your life.

If you have ever tried to quit a substance abuse problem only to end up stuck in the middle of the withdrawal process, then you probably already understand why it is so important to get professional help. The right help really can make all the difference in your ability to overcome an addiction and move on with your life. When you are ready to take the first steps in your recovery, there are three things that you will want to do:

1. Make a commitment to yourself. Are you ready to admit that you have a substance abuse problem and to make a commitment to yourself to overcome the substance abuse problem that you are struggling with? Oklahoma treatment centers can only help you if you are willing to overcome your issue.

2. Find the right treatment program. This is where there is going to be a little bit of work. You need to find the right treatment program to meet your individual needs. The wrong Oklahoma treatment centers are not going to help you overcome your substance abuse problem and move on with your life.

3. Get the help that you need. Open yourself up to the opportunities to overcome your addiction once and for all. Be open to the ideals of healing and recovering and you will be better able to overcome your substance abuse problem once and for all.

It really is this simple. When you are ready to overcome your substance abuse problem, the help that you seek is out there for you to take advantage of. Are you ready to open your mind to the idea of kicking your habit once and for all?

Treating Substance Abuse

There is not a single one size fits all solution when it comes to treating substance abuse. Different Oklahoma treatment centers are going to provide completely different solutions, and not every solution is going to work to meet your needs. There are some considerations that you absolutely must make when considering Oklahoma treatment centers in your area. Here are three primary considerations that you will want to make:

  • There are both inpatient programs and outpatient programs offered by most Oklahoma treatment centers. Which is going to address your own personal needs and life situation in the most effective manner? Here’s an example: Let us say that you have a job that you cannot leave while you are recovering. If so, outpatient therapy is the right choice for you. If on the other hand you have the ability to put your life on hold to focus on your recovery, then inpatient care is the ideal solution.
  • Just as there are inpatient and outpatient programs, there are also long term and short term Oklahoma treatment programs. Longer term programs generally produce better results, but if you are short on time, choose a program that will accommodate your time table. It is vitally essential that you work with Oklahoma treatment centers that are going to meet all of your needs.
  • You've done the research and found a substance abuse treatment plan that you feel is right for you, now you need to find a facility in Oklahoma that will provide you with the tools you need. All treatment facilities have their own variety of methods that they use to help people achieve the rehab and recovery that they need. So when you go to choose the facility in Oklahoma that you will use to kick your substance abuse problem make sure to only consider the ones that have the options you want.

Oklahoma Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Opportunities

The right solution for your addiction recovery needs is out there, but you must be willing to put some effort into finding it in order to best benefit. With so many different types of Oklahoma treatment centers out there, how will you determine which is going to address your needs in the best possible way?

  • In the state of Oklahoma, 66 percent of treatment centers are private, for-profit treatment centers.
  • 12 percent of Oklahoma treatment centers are private not for profit facilities.
  • One percent of Oklahoma treatment centers are operated by the local government.
  • Six percent of treatment centers in Oklahoma are operated by the state government.
  • Eight percent of Oklahoma drug treatment centers are operated by the federal government.
  • Finally, 17 percent of treatment programs in Oklahoma are operated by other groups such as Indian health services, the Department of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to start with a list of as many different Oklahoma treatment centers as you can find, then pare the list down slowly. Research as many different Oklahoma treatment centers as you can, and remove the ones from the list that simply will not meet your needs. Treatment centers in Oklahoma come in so many different types and flavors, that it really just comes down to who is and who is not going to meet your needs.

Today is the day for you to pick up the phone and start considering the options available to you. There are Oklahoma drug treatment centers for every type of substance abuse and every type of personality. Pick up the phone, start calling some of the options available to you, and you will find something that is ultimately going to work for you in the long run.

Call 1-888-565-6401 for addiction help and recovery assistance in Oklahoma 24 hours a day.

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